Half Finger Neoprene Combat Gloves

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Half Finger Neoprene Combat Gloves

Post  Gunner on Fri Jun 19, 2009 9:29 pm


These gloves have a nice, tight fit. The palms are made of leather that allows a firm grip to be made, and the rest of the glove is made of neoprene which is an elastic material allowing it to stretch so it doesn't constrict the fingers or make wrapping the fingers around an object difficult.

Because neoprene is made of rubber fibers, it can retain heat in the winter and the fingerless tips give the gloves a place to breathe in the hot summer days. The tightening band on the wrist applies firm wrist reinforcement that can prevent certain injuries and prevents the weight of a gun from bending the wrist in a bad way.

Neoprene is a strong material that is great at resisting tears and rips, so these gloves are durable. I play on a field that is covered in thorn bushes, and these gloves take down thorns without taking any damage in return. The fingerless tips allow the trigger finger to have a bit more flexibility and they allow the trigger finger to wrap around the trigger easily.

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