My Take on what this new team is...

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My Take on what this new team is...

Post  Gunner on Fri Jun 19, 2009 1:18 am

I believe the River City Rebels is our last chance to be a successful and organized airsoft team. I've always wanted to have established a solid airsoft team here in Southwestern Indiana, especially knowing most airsoft teams are stationed out West. It's good to see airsoft wanting to grow here on the East side of America, and I'm glad to see this team doing its fair share.

I'm willing to do all I can to see this team works. As a solid 5 man group, I believe we can become organized, skilled, and very battle efficient after intense training. Four of the 5 men have about 2 years worth of airsoft experience to their name, and they all played on the same team before on a couple occasions. Our medic, Doc, is the only team member who is new to airsoft, but he will fit in well with the rest of us, and I believe he can become one hell of an airsofter!

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