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Phoenix's History

Post  Phoenix on Sun Jun 28, 2009 10:26 pm

I started playing airsoft about 2 1/2 years ago. I got my first gun at a Rural King, which was a two tone glock, and I must say it was quite the hand gun. It was then broken after I came home from St. Louis after my brother and his dumbass friends broke it from dry firing it WAY too much.

With that aside, my next gun was an electric M4 that I was bought at our local flea market. Sure, it lacked in fire power, but I still did my damage on the field with it at the time since I had the only other electric gun at the time. Then I handed the gun over to a former old team mate, named "Cameleon" or however you spell it, because I planned on using my christmas money to get a more efficent gun.

Once I recieved my christmas money, I was very disappointed. I only had enough money for a spring Desert Eagle, that as been with me for a long time. I finally broke down and bought two more magazines to fill the empty pouches on my hoslter.

For this past Christmas, I got another electric gun the MP7. I then later bought 6 extended mags which were 100 rounds a piece. Then after my birthday I got a VSR-10. Which I still use today and it has 400-450 fps.

I have been apart of quite a few teams. I have even been in charge of the first team that was started up know as the "Don of Fates", which I was put on leave for a bit due to rough commanding that I'm not proud of. I was then apart of another team that was commanded by Chef and Farrow, which imediately fell to shit. Finally, I rejoined Capown/Gunner and we rebuilt what was left of our orginal team and we came up with this team as for now. And I must say, that this is the most serious team that we have started to get more organized and get more people to practice. Well, except for one person.....

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